проба пера

дурочка, серебро, сердце (песни в английском переводе)


when you are walking along the street
our town is in panic
people in cars feel uneasy
and they ignore traffic lights
the nervous are loosing their minds
and turn in raving lunatics
first pages of public papers
are following you day and night

my darling, sing
sing, my darling, and smile
smile, my darling, and cry
cry, my darling, and sing

and promise me
promise never to die
promise always to be
so play with death and with life
so cry, my darling, and sing

do you know, the discovered america
isn't glad that it has been discovered
cause harbors of it are in panic
when you're walking along the coast
pacific ocean can't keep its calm
as well as mediterranean
dynamics are raising the alarm
dynamics becoming hoarse.


i am not in love...
i used to say. and all my words and dreams
were taken off from me by fogs and mists
and they were changed into the water.
but presently
the only thing that i see clearly
is my desire to get rid of this
so useless freedom killing soul.

i'm ill at ease
because of strange and silent wind with which
we've been together for so long. but we...
we're hardly able to stand each other.
it seems to me,
that i will never be set free again.
my crazy star draws crazy way for me.
and my way looks like vicious circle.

high in the sky
in clear light of stars and moon i see+
i see his eyes... and all my thoughts are mixed+
i call for him... my voice's submissive.

he's only one. and i will do
my best
to turn this cherished dream into truth.

© аня, 2007


1. from all the causes
the only reason -
another man,
your stupid treason.
and in my quiet,
another's wife,
in cool cold blood
you pass me by.

refrain: and where are those
soceries of love?
so why
do you so cruelly break my heart?
we shall forever be apart.

2. i don't need songs
because i'm dying.
i've no a bit
of realizing.
no memories,
no clear answer -
there is a plot
of my disaster.


3. i can not solve
that ancient quastion.
my heartlessness
is my protection.
and where's the start,
and where's the ending?
i can't get on,
i'm lost in anguish. refrain.

© полька, 2007